Using system resources Cubase 6 vs Cubase 5

So Cubase 6 has been crashing a fair bit for me and I’m trying to figure out why because it does not seem to me like it should be crashing. In particular it crashes when doing audio exports.

When I was running Cubase 5 I was working on projects with a lot more going on in them than the ones I am working on now and there were not really any problems at all.

So I am wondering does cubase 6 use more resources than cubase 5?

I would bet that Cubase 6.5 does. If you are using Padshop or another soft synth, that could easily be the culprit if your computer is weak.

For more on treating crashes please follow the first link in my signature.

Yes, I agree 6.5 is a bit busier, but I find that it works better than 6, with less overall drain on the system. And really, you look to have a pretty quick DAW there so I don’t understand why you are having any problems at all. I would tell you this, and it might help maybe, 6.5 is to be treated like a fresh install of a program, not a carry over of 6. Which means all the settings that you were finding carried over throughout the various 6 upgardes will now have to be recreated. Understand?

I found this to be true for me and it was a bit of a surprise. I had to go into my Preferences and just start over, setting my rig up.

I have to ask, did you run 6 on the same computer, or did you make a computer swap with 6.5? If this is the case then you have computer setup issues to deal with, too.

Anyway, stick with 6.5, you have not thrown your $$ away. :sunglasses:

Ah, I see you were talking about 5!! Well, the same advise holds true, 5 vs. 6.5 are to be treated like different beasts. And really, 6.5 is way better than 5, I have moved away from 5 completely at this point. Too, I think 6.5 is a less draining program than 5. It’s smoother IMO and my HD and CPU meter show less usage.

OK I’m not on 6.5.
I’m on 6.0.5

I got a new Win 7 machine when I was using 5.5 becaue in windows XP you can’t allocate enough ram to properly run Cubase. This is the same machine that I am using 6 on. I did not have any trouble with 5.5 and was working on projects that had a lot more going on in them than the ones I am doing now.

Most of the crashes are on audio exports. Though yesterday I had a crash loading a project where Kontact failed to load. I also had a crash loading audio into Melodyne. This is something that used to crash my old XP computer but this is the first time on my Win 7 machine.

I am also very good with this machine and I do not use it for anything else other than audio applications. No surfing or other software goes on it to keep it running clean (in theory)

I agree with you that my machine should have plenty of balls to run cubase and I can’t understand what is wrong.

Right now my computer guru has my C: drive and is running some tests on it to see if there is a virus hidden on it that I could not detect. He will also check windows to see if everything is ok there.

OK, I am up to speed. I assume your HD is SATA driven or better? OK, how does the Cubase CPU and HD meter look in your mixpown project that crashes? Is it taxed? I run my projects at 256 samples with 5.6ms delay in and out, no problems. How about you? You can increase this for mixdown, right? I suppose you thought about that.

I have read various ‘issue’ posts regarding Kontact. Is this 32 bit? Are you using jBridge? I suspect your VST usage is your issue at this point. OK, just throwing some things out there. .

Any connection to your issue?

Thanks so much for trying to help.


I keep a tiny CPU monitor app running most of the time to keep an eye on things. During export it gets pretty taxed running at about 40-70%

I’m running at 512 samples now. Good suggestion about increasing it for mixdown. I actually had not thought of that.

Had a look at that. I’m running Kontakt 32bit and I think that it was an isoalted issue. I just read through the error log at C:\Users"username"\MyDocuments\Steinberg\crashdumps and there was only the one crash due to Kontakt. What there was a lot of mention in the crash log was melodyne. I’m running melodyne editor 1.3.0.

Gonna see if there is an update.