Using tempo detection on acoustic guitar


I have an acoustic guitar and vocal track I want to rebuild an instrumental backing track for.
The tempo is not static it’s not recorded to a click…
What settings in the post detection window should i be setting, when I warp drums to follow the acoustic tempo they are sounding very jerky

Tempo detection is somewhat erratic for this kind of situation. I’ve always found it easier with such recordings to tap out the beat by hand and let the tempo detector then work on that instead.

ah ok, but I want to alter the tempo to make it static, not just map the tempo that exists,
Put another way I want to work with one fixed tempo that does not change throughout the project, any recommendation for that?

Map the tempo, write tempo definition to the file. Put file to musical mode, delete the different tempo nodes from the tempo track.

Then you first need to map what is there as I described. Then you can move it to your chosen fixed tempo. I think this is what svennilenni is also describing.