Using the FX track as reverb track question

I am a little confused about using the FX track in Cubase.

What I find confusing is that if I for example send a dry signal from a channel to a AUX reverb track in pro tools, I raise the aux fader to determine how much reverb I want on the track, but the amount of reverb I add is removed from the dry signal. So I get for example 30 % reverb and 70 % dry signal.

But in Cubase, I send for example 30 % of the dry signal to the FX track, I still get 100 % of the dry signal, and the 30 % reverb is added on top of that.

Has this to do with if I use post/pre fader setting on the send, or is there any other way to send just like in protools? (except using the reverb as inserts on each channel) So that the amount of signal I send to the reverb is removed from the dry track??


I think you’re asking a question about the pre/post fader option, click on it in the send of your audio or instrument track and use the fader to determine how much dry signal goes to the fx channel.

Or go to YouTube and type Cubase pre/post fader to learn how to use this option.

The send level doesn’t affect the level of the channel…and not sure why you would want it to…adding 30% send reverb doesn’t make a track 30% louder so you’ll need 30% less level on the dry signal. You want the same/similar level of dry in most cases with reverb added (OK, maybe some small tweaking is required)

Do you have the mix control of the reverb set to 100% wet?
Maybe you’re adding more dry signal on the FX track along with the reverb which might be confusing you.

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As I see it, doesn’t the Cubase mixer work exactly the same as a normal analogue mixing desk? Isn’t that what it should be? Otherwise as Grim and AP mention maybe you have one or two settings wrong.

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If using a reverb as an aux send, usual practice is to set the reverb to 100% wet and blend in as required, that results in no change in level to the dry signal no matter how far you push the reverb fx channel fader.