Using the Intel I5 core processor for C7

Has anyone found success using a PC I5 core processor while running C7? If so what are the spec’s of your system. I would really like to duplicate your success.

I am running an Acer laptop i5 with C7 just fine.

Intel i5
4gb RAM
Tascam US-200 ( at least until my new interface arrives)

Thank you for your input. This will really help me to decide what my next system will look like.

Another happy i5 user here.

Great guys. Does your cpu meter ever reach 50% or greater and if so, then how many audio tracks were you using?

CPU load by itself tells you nothing, the load a plug would generate on an i5 depends totally on the type and how good it is coded (the plugin).

If you would like to know the trackcount then you should measure the throughput of your harddisk.

On my i5 laptop running 15 to 20 normal type plugins (no convolution) works, but when throwing VSTI into the game or convolution plugs (reverb like Reverence) the track counts goes drastic back.

I have an overclocked i5 with 16GB ram and it is very good but I still seem to reach the CPU limit on my projects. One I am working on now is right on the edge but there are 36 tracks all with at least 2 plugins on them

i5 2500k (desktop/workstation) here running just fine.

intel i5, 8Gb Ram, Win7 64bit, Steinberg Mr816x, Cubase 7.01. A Rock solid setup !


I need a new workstation to, I would be very grateful if someone would post DSP DAWbench results of a i5 Workstation. (

I used the DAWbench-DSP-C6-RXC-EXT project

Mobo Asus P5E-VM-SE
CPU Intel Core2Quad Q9400 2,66GHz
Memory 4gig Kingston HyperX DDR2 800
OS W7 x32
Cubase 7.0.1 x32

Firewire Soundcard Yamaha N12

Buffer Size - Number of ReaFX ReaXComp inserts
32 - 36
64 - 47
96 - 56
128 - 58
256 - 64

as signature and both run very well indeed ,no issues

Memory 4gig Kingston HyperX DDR2 800

Would better look form faster ram at least 1333mhz
Have seen now some configurations with 800mhz and no config performed smoothly.

Also look for fast hds best case 3 os /samples/projects
something 10 000rpm

Greetz Bassbase

Thanks, But its my CPU running out of power limiting the Number of Inserts.
So I wonder how many inserts you can use in the DAWbench test using a i5 processor.


i5/8Gb in laptop Win7/64 - tracked, mixed and mastered 3 released albums now in Cubase - most songs with 50/50 split between audio and MIDI-vst - usually 40-60 tracks in total. Compressor on most audio tracks / Melodyne on all vocals / 2 or 3 reverbs / sonic maximiser, multi-band compressor and limiter on stereo out. Focusrite Saffire 56 firewire audio interface.

Everything in the box, never felt the need to submix/bounce. Usually have to increase buffers up a bit (maybe 1024) to stop real-time crackles.