Using the line out of the UR44

I have Line Output 1,2,3,4 and then Main Output L, R.
But Cubase only displays:

UR44 Mix 1L,1R,2L,2R, FX Bus L, FX Bus R.
I realize that my keyboard on line input 5/6 is not heard on Line Output 1, unless I do an xlr connection on either of the front XLR input channels. Why is that?

How do I identify the right output as attached?

Thank you very much for your input* :slight_smile:

Main out and Line outputs 1, 2 are Mix1. Line outputs 3, 4 are Mix2. Fxbus is the dsp reverb and not a real physical output.

How did you set up the inputs? Do you have a bus for inputs 5, 6?

Accidents and surgery… sorry about the delay. Thank you for replying.

I have the bus to Stereo Out. That’s the problem. If I understand correctly, there is no way to separate the main out and ouputs 1 and 2? So I need to create and additional output (Mix 2) and forward the keyboard there?

I have a phone conference. 4channels. My wife and i have 2 separate mics (Channel 1 and 2), my keyboard (5,6), and my cellphone. I separated the input and output from my phone already. Its output goes to input channel 4 and the phone mic comes from Output 1,2 on the UR 44 sound interface. I should hook it up on output 3,4 (Mix2) instead and have all my input buses going there. Is that right?