Using the Logical Editor to select notes on specific tracks

Hey folks. I’m getting deeper into working with the Logical and Project Logical editors, and I’ve got something that I’d like to do, but can’t figure out how to get there.

The end result that I’m looking for is to be able to select all notes that are on tracks that meet specific criteria. The purpose for it is, when working with a large template, to be able to select all the MIDI notes on tracks that are pitched instruments so I can then transpose as need be, while leaving unpitched percussion instruments alone. This could be based on track name, track color, or something else that I’m not thinking of.

It seems to be something that’d isn’t quite covered by either the Project Logical Editor or the Logical editor, but maybe something could be set up with a macro to use both. I’ve gotten as far as selecting all the tracks in the PLE that don’t have track colors that I’ve associated with unpitched instruments, but I’m missing the next step. Any ideas on how to pull this off?


You’ve done the worst of it already.

I assume you only want to Transpose MIDI and not also Pitch Shifting Audio. You need to change your PLE Preset so what is selected isn’t the Track itself but the MIDI Parts on those Tracks - as those are the objects you really want to modify.

At this point you can go in two different directions. Both of these will play back the same and neither is better. Just which you prefer.

  • In a MIDI Editor shift the notes up/down to Transpose them. You can create several LE Presets to do this by different amounts, or make two for up/down by a halfstep and string together as needed. This method actually changes the underlying MIDI Data.
  • In the Project Window use the Transpose field on the Info Line to shift by the amount needed. I think (but am not sure) there is a Key Command for this. This method only changes the playback and not the underlying MIDI Data. Playback can also be Transposed in the MIDI Modifiers section of the Inspector.

Hey Raino, thanks for the reply. I actually was just coming up with that solution when I got your message. Once I realized that I could do parts, and that they were the same color as my tracks, it all made sense.

In the end I added a Pre-Process command to Select the Tracks with Data, then put the following criteria in (for anyone else who’s trying something similar):

Container Type- is Equal to - Part. AND
Media Type is - MIDI. AND
Color Type is - Contains Not - Big Drums. AND
Color Type is - Contains Not - Drum Kits (repeat with as many color types as you want to include)

And at the bottom of the PLE editor, set it to Select.

I have the PLE preset triggered from a button in Metagrid Pro, which I can then trigger any number of Transpose presets I’ve made. Much faster to do a transpose on a whole cue than manually selecting them as I have for years.

I hadn’t known about the Info Line transpose method, that’s pretty slick, I’ll mess around with that.

Thanks for your help!