Using the new Jazz Essentials

To load you need to go to the Dorico 5 regular icon and find it there, then install. Once installed I was able to access it, however in trying to use it I get this

With the warning icons. Double clicking on one of those gives me a jump to the Steinberg website to authorize it (seems strange) which brought up the Steinberg Authorization app, which doesn’t include Jazz Essentials. Restarting it’s still in the same state, so unable to access and use it presently.

Edit: Ah - wait a minute, just noticed the little bit in the blog where we have to refresh the license … ok works now, go into the Steinberg Authorization app and refresh the license with the icon in the upper left. FYI for others going through this …

OK maybe a useful question, just to make sure, it seems to be working but the GA SE Studio Kit is all you need for a percussion map?

The Jazz Esssentials pack is just patterns, and doesn’t contain a separate kit, but you can use them with the Studio Kit patch, so yes, I would recommend using the corresponding percussion map.

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