Using the noise reduction plugin in the audio Editor!

I am trying to use the restorerig de noiser in some audio events i pushed from cubase. Unfortunatly this is only accesible from the master section and not as a process in the audio editor!
How would i do this ? I would like to edit the audio , remove backgroudn noise, and trigger it back to Cubase.

I’m away from a computer at the moment, but look for the “Render In Place” option to destructively render the settings to the original file that opens in WaveLab.

This is why steinberg needs you! :smiley: Thanks

No problem. Sorry I was unable to post a screen shot before, but it sounds like you found the feature and perhaps looked at some of the options.

And there is also this button right on the plugin window:

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Thanks @Justin_Perkins . WB Community was not the same without you. :pray: