Using the project logical editor to create markers at each time signature change from a sig track

Can anyone provide a logical editor recipe for this? The PLE is so powerful yet so incredibly unintuitive.

Pretty sure this is not possible in Cubase. I have tried a few ways, nothing working. Sorry.

Also, using the great “Create Markers from Selected Events” feature in Nuendo 12 does not work on Tempo events.

That’s bizarre. This seems like exactly the type of thing the PLE is meant for. Thanks for trying though.

The main limitation of the PLE (well all the LEs really) that gets in the way here is that you can’t use it to create new items. You can only modify and duplicate existing items.

The only approach that comes to mind is to start off with a bunch of already existing Markers (Sig1, Sig2, Sig3…) and then relocate them to the positions of the Signature Changes.

Can be done very simply, though with a macro


Do it one at a time, or

Hold down the shortcut to repeat – it goes so fast it might as well be instantaneous.


Thank you!!

Nice one Steve

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