Using the Roli Seaboard Rise within Cubase

Hi all,

I made a quick video of how to use the Roli Seaboard Rise within Cubase.
How to use it with an MPE compatible Synth like the Roli Equator
How to use it via Note Expression with VST3 synths like Padshop, Retrologue and Halion

(I forgot to mention in the video that the Note Expression Pitch range unfortunately is limited to -12/+12…, :wink:)

Hope it’ll help some of you.


LuLu M

can it be used as a midi controller ,Midi learn method for mapping?

I doubt this will be possible / practical. A MPE device sends MIDI messages on different channels.
It’s more easy to use a proper MIDI controller, made for the job and so much cheaper too :wink:

i would like to rid of the midi controller and use ROLE compatibility, if in one moment i need to mapping vst or mixer fader for some reason why i need 2 device if it can do by one


On the Seaboard Rise, you have 3 sliders and an XY pad that you can assign to control VST parameters. Not as much as a dedicated midi controller, but you can use these :wink: