Using the "-" sign to input a minor chord . . . .

The ability to change the angle of the slash chord and font is nice.

  1. Does ‘-’ (minus sign) not work for inputting minor chords as well as typing “mi”?

  2. Also I prefer D-7 to Dmi7 100% of the time. Are we able to use the “-” sign in lieu or “mi”?

  3. I am interested in having a “drop down menu” for the chords I use the most, implemented upon “right-click” of a selected chord. Would this be in the works in the future?

Thank you,

  1. Looks like you’re right.
  2. You can choose this under Engraving options (cmd+shift+e) -> Chord symbols.
    You can use the ‘Save as default’ button to make this apply to all new projects.

The popover seems to understand the minus as affecting a chord tone, I’ve noticed — though this was as I was trying to input a minor chord with an added (natural) sixth (the doric mode, funnily enough!). D-6 yielded D flat sixth, but Dm6 was alright.

We choose to interpret - and + as equivalent to flat and sharp, rather than for minor. Hopefully it’s not the greatest hardship to type “m” instead (you don’t need to type “mi”) since it’s the same number of keystrokes, and the resultant chord symbol will use the - sign anyway, provided the Engraving Options are set up appropriately.

We may add a panel on the right-hand side of Write mode containing chord symbols “used in this flow” in future, but it’s not in our immediate plans.