Using the task switcher (ALT+TAB) on Windows 7


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

With Cubase 5, just holding ALT and pressing TAB one time is sufficient to switch to another program.

With Cubase 9.5, I have to hold ALT and press TAB several times (depending on the number of open consoles) in order to switch to another program.

All of my open consoles (MixConsole, Channel Settings, Key Editor, VST instruments, etc.) are being treated as individual entities when cycling between open programs (via ALT+TAB) on Windows 7.

How can I prevent Cubase 9.5 from doing this? If not directly, maybe using a third-party program (AutoHotkey, for instance)?

I just would like to hold ALT and press TAB one single time in order to switch to another program (as I do with all the other programs on my computer).

I’m on Windows 7 x64.

Thank you.

I don’t have Win7 to check and ALT+Tab is a bit different in 10. But I don’t think ALT+Tab switches between applications. Rather it cycles through open Windows (i.e. the open Tabs on your Windows Toolbar). The other programs you are comparing Cubase to are most likely only opening a single Window so for them cycling through that single Window is functionally the same as cycling through the program. But if you were to open several Word docs you’d find ALT+Tab cycles through each of those Word sessions. Cubase 5 only used one main Window and all others were sub-windows of that one, then (don’t recall which version) this was changed to allow for multiple independent Windows. ALT+Tab is behaving exactly as Microsoft designed it to in Cubase.

I don’t use AHK (probably should) so can’t say for sure, but it’s likely the best way to get what you want.

Thanks for the feedback.

You’re right about Word (and also Excel, Notepad, etc.). If you open a couple of Word docs, ALT+TAB will cycle through each of them. But in this case, we’re talking about different projects. Let’s say I’m working on an essay and a cake recipe. Both will appear in the Task Switcher because they’re different projects. This is a normal behavior indeed.

In the case of Cubase 9.5, we’re talking about a single project only.

If my project has four open consoles (for example: MixConsole, Channel Settings, Key Editor and a VST instrument), there will be five Cubase icons on the Task Switcher (the main project window + 4 consoles).

If I open the VST Instruments Rack and add three more VST instruments, there will be nine Cubase icons on the Task Switcher. It’s overwhelming!

I’m always switching between applications (via ALT+TAB) when using Cubase. It’s a major part of my workflow. Is there a way to force Cubase 9.5 to show only the main project window when cycling through open programs?

It’s under the control of Microsoft, not Steinberg - it’s the way MS designed Windows to work.