Using the Tyros 5 as MIDI Clock Master

When are used sonar platinum I had my Tyros 5 keyboard
as the master clock. When I went into the Sonar clock screen all I did was click Midi And sonar waited for me to start the the Tyros 5 to get everything rolling. Since I just bought Cubase 9.5 professional Can anybody walk me thru or send me to a video to show me how to set up my external keyboard so that it triggers my new software with the Tyros 5 When I want to record

Thank you



The whole setup is in Transport > Project Synchronization Setup.

thank you. sonar had Midi Sync. It was a piece a cake to click it and the Tyros 5 I needed to press start when I wanted to relisten to the performance I clicked audio in the Clock section of Sonar Platinum

when I press record on cubase 9.5 pro. it waits to be triggered yet when I press play on the Tyros 5 it plays but cubase remains unmoved. still a problem

Could you send a screenshot of the Synchronizazion Setup window, please?

I look forward in working with everybody here in resolving the tyros 5 clock syncing issue so let’s all stay in touch and when we finally arrive at a solution I will post it for all the tyros five arranger keyboard users using Cubase 9.5 professional

Alan Russell

UNLESS your Tyros outputs MTC and not just midiclock, you are NOT controlling Cubase with it for start/stop/etc.

Cubase will ONLY sync with MTC and NOT midiclock/SPP. Cubase will output midiclock to sync keyboards, drum machines, anything that locks to midiclock

Yes, unless your device supports MTC and/or MMC, Cubase can only be used as a Master, not Slave (which is usually how it’s used anyway when working with hardware, the DAW is the heart of your studio).

One thing you can do is use a DAW controller App such as Cubase iC Pro, or a simple hardware “transport control” such as the Korg nanoKONTROL2. This will allow you to control Cubase without having to use your computer’s keyboard and mouse, and works really well when using Cubase as a Master.

I solved the problem after reading replies and researching this issue on the internet

Import your Audio File to Cubase (Mine is my Total Premixed and EQ Orchestra (Created by the Tyros 5 saved on a USB Stick)

The Audio track must start at the beginning in Cubase 9.5 Pro
You will have to delete the empty space first and then drag the track to 0:00:00:00

External Sync is kept off

In Cubase:

Transport > Project Sync Set-up

MC Master Active
Digital Work Station - 1 = MMC Input
AG06/AG03 (My Yamaha mixer (USB connected) = MMC Output

Midi Clock Destination
Digital Work station
Always Send Start Messages

Setting the Tyros 5:

Clock = USB1
Transmit Clock (Grayed Out)
Receive Transpose = off
Start Stop = Song
Exit and save in the USER Tab

Open your midi track saved in the Tyros 5 to the SCORE Screen
If you are going to RECORD using the T5 harmonizer make sure you turn off the SONG in the mixing console screen


**If you have transposed your original recording of this midi file, use the TRANSPOSE setting to match the AUDIO File in the Tyros 5

Press Play in Cubase or if you are recording to another Cubase Audio track (Arm & Record in Cubase)

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