Using the UR22mkII headphone jack affects desktop recording volume

I’m currently using a UR22mkII in my setup and I am currently having issues when recording my desktop using the interface’s headphone jack.

Whenever I’m recording gameplay or whatever with Shadowplay and OBS, the desktop audio is super quiet for some reason (while microphone volume is fine). It is still audible, just super quiet. However, what’s strange is that when I switch to another audio output on my PC for instance, the recording volume goes back to normal! And once again, switching back to the UR22 Line output, the desktop audio volume becomes super quiet again!

I have no idea why this is the case, as like I said, my mic volume doesn’t change when changing outputs.

Has anyone else had this issue? And is there a fix? I want to use my headphone jack on the UR22 so I can use the Input/Daw nob on the interface, and this seems like a really silly issue.