Using the UR28M on multiple platforms.

Been a long time since I posted on any of these forums, as I’ve had everything packed away for the past two years due to moving and building a new studio. The studio is finished and everything is being setu up again. I am a Cubase user on a PC and my son uses ProTools on a Mac. I purchased a UR28M this week in order to normalize the monitoring and inputs, as I was assured the UR28M supports both mac an pc platforms and will work with both DAWs.
The use of the REV-X and Sweet Spot morphing channel strip require licensing via activation onto my elicensing dongle. This I will do on the PC. The mac versions of the software tools will also be installed on the Mac.
My question is, in order to use the product on the Mac, is it simply a matter of removing the dongle from the PC and plugging it into the Mac USB port?
I understand it cannot be used simultaneously on both platforms, that is not an issue.

Whenever there are licenses on the USB-eLicenser you need to use on more than one system, you will have to connect the USB-eLicenser to the system you are currently working on. It is not possible to work on two systems simultaneously with only one license on one USB-eLicenser.

One further question in this regard.
Assuming I’ve installed the mac version of the UR28M driver and Tools on the Mac, is it enough to simply plug in the dongle on the Mac, or do I need to install a driver or software for the dongle as well?

The driver and the eLicenser Control Center software are either installed with Cubase or the separate eLC installer you can download at
The TOOLS for UR do not install anything in this regard.