Using the “Yamaha Promix 01 “to control cubase via midi in/out

Hey dudes and dudettes

I’m old to cubase but new to this forum so bear with me

I Just bought this Yamaha after seeing many videos about the mixer , I saw a few people controlling cubase sx and cubase 5 and cubase 6.5 . I have a Tascam US1800 with midi in and out that would work great for this I’m sure ,

BTW I got the mixer for around $25 and it had been used a handful of times and it has motorized faders. !!

If any one has knowledge on how to assign cubase to recognize the Yamaha promix 01 it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks , Ryan

Here is a link of a video with the guy using the mixer with cubase.


Nice find dude. :wink:

Looks like the he put a link to his Generic Remote xml file right under the youtube vid. You should download it and import into the Generic Remote. It could be that easy.

I have done simple setups for Yamaha ProMix 01 and ProMix 03D mixers to control 16 group channels with slider automation and mute buttons.

Connect mixer MIDI in and outputs to your DAW and import appropriate .xml file to Cubase or Nuendo; Studio Setup; Generic Remote settings.

Cubase Nuendo Yamaha Promix01 control surface device setup.xml (7.4 KB)
Cubase Nuendo Yamaha Promix03D control surface device setup.xml (7.4 KB)