Using ties in grace notes chords

I can tie from grace notes to a chord, but it’s not possible tying a grace note chord itself, isn’t it? At least nothing happens when I’m presing T in the first group of grace notes of the example… Am I missing something? Or is it just not possible?

Of course I could use slurs, but I would like to know if it is possible using ties.

Thank you very much!

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Actually you are right: it looks like it’s impossible a tie in a grace; the following is just a slur…

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Welcome to the forum, @demos0087. You are indeed correct that you cannot tie one grace note to another grace note: ties are only possible from a grace note to a rhythmic note.

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Ok! Thanks to both!

But tieing from a grace note to a normal note that changes the size of the normal note, too. Would like to now, what the reasoning behind that behaviour is, since it is not common practice at all in contemporary music.
Any change to change that behaviour? Or is there a workaround (without using manually adjusted slurs)?

Tie-ing from a grace note to a normal rhythmic note doesn’t change the size of the normal note. Something else must be going on in your specific example. I’d be happy to take a look if you would be prepared to cut your project down to a minimal example and then upload it here.

Thanks, @dspreadbury! I will prepare a score and send it to you tonight!

@dspreadbury Here is the Dorico5 file:

grace-note-tied-to-rhythmic-note.dorico (1.9 MB)

And here is a little video:

Thank you!

You haven’t entered any grace notes, just scaled the tuplet quavers down to the size of grace notes. So when you tie the last one it creates a single note (in Dorico-speak) and the size is set by the first of these.

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Ah yes, I understand the difference now! Thank you, @Janus !

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