Using Transformer MIDI FX to MIDI CC# to Aftertouch?

I’m trying to transform MIDI CC#69 to Aftertouch using Transformer.
My keyboard does not have Aftertouch but I want to use another MIDI CC to control Aftertouch in all the VST Instruments that supports it.

But I’m not getting it to work. Here’s how I have it setup:

Filter target:
Row 1: ( Type Is Equal Controller
Row 2: MIDI Controller Equal No. 69 )

Action target:
Row 1: Type Set To Fixed Value Aftertouch

Does anyone know that correct way to do this?

I managed to solve it using Note Expression instead. Still interested in how to do the same thing with Transformer…

hey would you mind describing how ?
i want to do the same but never used Note Expression.

so select Aftertouch in the Note expression list;
go to “no input assigment” select the CC you want to use to control aftertouch.
now you want maybe to add in the Input Transformer “local”
Type Is Equal Aftertouch
Function : Filter
so the aftertouch is only controlled by your CC and not the keyboard pressure anymore to avoid conflitcs.