"Using TWO Audio interfaces together at ONE time?

Hello all. I would like to use an M-Audio 410 Firewire interface (8 outputs) for playback in Cubase. I think something is wrong with the mic/inst inputs on the M-Audio. When I record a vocal or guitar part, there is a noticeable “S” shape before the audio material. At first, I thought maybe the recording levels were too loud. But they are not. So, simultaneously I would like to use a PreSonus Audiobox USB to record vocals and guitar through the 1 & 2 instrument jacks, and also use it for midi. Is there a way to accomplish this? Using both at the same time? In the Cubase setup window, you can only select one device. It would be ideal to use only the M-Audio 410 Firewire interface for all functions. But, there is a noise when recording a vocal or guitar. This recently just started happening! i think the M-Audio 410’s mic/inst jacks are jacked :frowning: The Audiobox USB only has 2 outputs. Bummer! Thanks in advance to all.

Cubase can only talk to a single ASIO device at a time. So, no.

It can be done using ASIO4all, an asio driver that can work with multiple interfaces simultaneously. Your latency might suffer a bit though.

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Thanks Strophoid! i’ll google the ASIO4all driver, download and see what happens. Thanks again.

Hello all. Was thinking, maybe Steinberg could recognize our “Grand Senior Members” in some way. They do post quite a lot, and most of the time their advise is pretty much on the mark. They have shown dedication to the forums, and do not mind sharing their knowledge with us. :slight_smile: Not taking anything away from our moderators of course! :sunglasses:

About ASIO4ALL, it’s a pretty good driver. It sometimes breaks and bluescreens, if you use very short buffers or tinker with the wrong feature.
It does not know exact latency of the your audio devices so tracks might be a bit off due to latency compensation. If you don’t mind tinkering a bit, it’s just fine.

Also, usually the ASIO drivers that come with the soundcards are better, so don’t rely on ASIO4ALL if you can do something differently.

sorry but i may be wrong here but would systemlink not work on this ??

VST Systemlink would work to sync Audio streaming between two systemlink capable computers with two systemlink capable host applications and two systemlink capable soundcards.

Did you try, “JACK”…? http://jackaudio.org/

Systemlink is for linking computers, not audio interfaces.

Musicbeat; thanks for the info on “JACK”. Can it be used on Windows 7 Pro?