using two computers

I have one computer that is older, runs on 32bit and adding any major vst instruments etc. will slow things down significantly. I’ve purchased another computer which much faster, has more memory, and runs on 64bit.

Before I waste a bunch of time, I wish to ask if I can use the upgrade installer from Cubase 6 to Cubase 7 from older computer to install Cubase 7 on the new computer? I plan to use the same usb e-licenser from older computer to newer one. Will this be enough for the program to be installed and work on new computer? I imagine that I’d have to register Cubase on the new computer before it can run. Will this be a problem? If so, where can I find the steps or be advised by one of you as to how to do this? ~Thanks in advance!

I don’t think the C6 to C7 upgrade disk holds everything needed for a full install on a new pc (unless you first install C6 & upgrades from DVD).
Instead, if you want a clean C7 install with no C6, download one of the installers from here
Regarding the dongle, it sounds like you’ve been using it successfully already, so the licences are already activated.
This should plug straight into the new pc & work straight away, once C7 & the e-licenser app have been installed
If Cubase 7 mentions “Registration” when you’re setting it up, just click “already Registered” or something along those lines.

Thank You! I downloaded the installer but do not have time to install today. I’ve been busy revamping my entire studio now that I’m officially a business! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll let you know how it goes - probably a couple of days.