Using two elicensers, two computers, one software license

Hi guys. Long time Cubase user, first time caller :wink:

I have searched extensively but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for. Apologies if it is hidden somewhere.

My situation:

1 x PC at home with Cubase 8 Artist with original elicenser dongle that I use;
1 x laptop with Cubase Artist (same software install) that my daughter takes to the hobby studio at her school, no dongle.

I’m getting kinda frustrated us having to share the dongle - would be ideal if we can work on our music simultaneously.

Proposed solution:

Buy a second dongle:
= both Cubase Artist 8 installs can be used simultaneously (no need to share the dongle)

Q: will this work? :smiley:

My research on these forums is giving me mixed messages. I’m worried that I’d have to buy another entire software and dongle pack of Cubase Artist 8, which seems silly given that it’s just for personal use (and I own both computers).

Please advise? Thanks!


Only 1 licence per dongle (you can’t copy the same licence on both dongle at the same time, but you can transfer licence from one to another)

If you want to use Cubase on 2 computers simultaneously, you’ll have to buy another licence.

Thanks for the reply dude. By license do you mean I have to buy another CD / dongle bundle at retail price? Or is there a way of purchasing just the license activation code by itself?

You’ll have to buy full box for Cubase pro and Artist. (yes retail price)
Cubase Element 7 is different you can buy online version.

I suggest you take a look at Artist, as you might not need all the pro features for both computers at the same time.
(You can install both version on a pc, and just switch the dongle for the version you want to use).

Cool! Good to know.

I already use Artist (see OP) so yeah. I guess what I have resolved is to sell my Cubase and go with a DAW that ain’t so psycho about personal use. I hear Live and Abelton are pretty good. Any tips?

I used to use PT for years - looks as if I need to go back to dark side!! Seems sad because my daughter is now conversant with Cubase. Oh well.

ooops sorry forgot you were already using Artist.

If you don’t want to stick with Cubase :frowning: I suggest you take a look at Studio One 2. (I thing it’s the best DAW I’ve used after Cubase. I’ve bought the professional version and put it in my laptop so I can go travel without fear for my precious dongle ^^).

Very fast workflow, easy to learn, you have 5 activations, but very far from Cubase about midi experience (maybe in the next version…who knows), you have a free version to try and a crossgrade option.

My 2 cents :wink:

It’s a one-user licence. It lives on the one dongle. That’s it, I’m afraid.

How is PT any different?..isn’t it a single iLok license so has the exact same restrictions??