using two mr816's with outboard gear


I’ve looked everywhere…and now I just want someone to tell me the answer!

I use

Protools 11
Mr816 x2 (daisychained via firewire)

I want to add a Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor, a Culture Vulture and an outboard EQ.

I don’t want to know how to set protools up to do this as I already know. What I want to know is how do I physically link the two MR816’s up with this outboard equipment, where do I plug stuff in basically!? what connections do I need to make.


I’d use your second unit for the in outs of your hardware.

Just plug your external FX to the physical in/outs on the second unit and make sure the volume is set at 0db .

The reason I say to use the second unit is that the master volume on the MR controls ALL the volumes of all the outputs so unless you have a hardware volume controller for your monitors, turning the master volume down will affect your FX levels.