Using two Yamaha 01V96i with CUB8


I am using two Yamaha 01V96i with Cubase 8. In my mixing phase I would like to have the two units control different sets of channels. They are both set up in the device settings in Cubase on different MIDI channels through USB, but when using the Remote Layer on the mixers they control the same set of channels (i.e. the first 16 channels).

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Mikael


I don’t want to hi-jack the thread but does ASIO Guard work with your setup. Are you running the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver ?


from their page - Cascade Link for Ultimate Expandability
When your situation demands a high capacity setup—particularly for live sound reinforcement applications— the “01V96i Cascade Link” allows you to run two units cascaded giving you up to 80 channels of mixing capability. One simple connection for all the power you would ever need.

i dont think usb2 will handle 32 audio i/o’s simultaneously but perhaps the midi control suface functions would work fine. 1 usb and 1 remote. i dont have one but its worth a try. my fe-8 addons show up within the same driver and i assign 1 remote profile to each on their respective virtual midi control channels 1 driver = 3 midi devices or on your case it may show up as 1 driver (usb) with 2 devices using the cascade link

good luck


@mbr - ASIO Guard runs nicely - i think. I have no trouble with ASIO performance.

@DLearyUS - I am not looking for audio performance, but simply to remote control Cubase 8 during the mix phase. So the Yamaha’s are not used for audio, but simply as remote controllers …

Thanks for your replies …


You can use the USER DEFINED KEYS (lower right front panel) to function as BANK+ and BANK- buttons; these shift the channels they control by 8. There is no limit to the number of channels you can remote control… They are simply set to shift in groups of eight such that pressing the BANK+ button will shift the 01v96i up by 8 channels:

“DAW BANK + and BANK - shifts the channels controlled by 01V96 up or down in banks of 8 channels. (For example, pressing BANK + once will show channels 9-24 on 01V96 instead of channels 1-16).”

When you enter the REMOTE LAYER, if I recall the USER DEFINED KEYS [C] and [D] default to the BANK SHIFTING function in the set for DAW REMOTE Control (if you have reprogrammed them, you can program any two to this function). There are at least 8 sets of User Defined Keys already preconfigured.

You can independently set each of your 01v96i’s to control whatever group of channels you need. Press the BANK+ assignment twice to make your second 01v96i channels 17-32.

Hope that helps.

This sounds like it’s what I’m looking for - can’t wait to test …

Thanks & cheers, Mikael