Using UAD plugin on live input

Hi all, have been pulling my hair out trying to process an analog drum machine Elektron Rytm with a UAD Plugin compressor inserted, the meter is moving on the comp but can’t get to monitor the resulting sound it makes, can this be done? I know the Apollo is made for this but have read somewhere that this is possible but with latency added I have a MOTU ultralite hybrid sound card can anyone help, Regards

You should have some info about what platform your using and what version etc. in your signature.

Shouldn’t be any problem, always worked for me, I just a have a solo card.

Make a track and set it to the bus you setup for your hardware instrument in VSTconnections.

Insert a compressor on the track and push the monitor button or select the track and you should hear it wet.

Mute the track, are you still hearing it? Then you’ve got more than one path that the audio is traveling.

There’s a send somewhere or you have zero latency monitoring turn on in your interface controls etc.

Hard to hear compression if you have a non compressed version of it at the same time.

Thanks for the info Tacman, that sorted that problem out don’t know how I could’nt do that in first place, regards fadec