Using up entire alphabet's worth of Arrangement blocks: Why blank thereafter?

After utilising all 26 letters for each arrangement block, Cubase then reverts to blank ‘unnamed’ arrangement blocks for any additional ones added.

In my opinion, this is confusing and could be easily rectified by adopting a ‘numbering’ system that allows further arrangement blocks to be easily identified.

my suggestion would be: double letters

So after A…Z, additional arranger blocks would be named:


It’s so easy to rename all of them sequentially I would not want devs spending time on such an edge request.


May I ask how you are using arranger track parts that you end up with 27 or more of them?

Thanks, that’s a good tip.
I mentioned it because I thought it would be easy to implement, because: computers.

I don’t think we need to engage in Arrangement-shame on this forum. Kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s very easy (for me) to use up 26 arranger blocks, due to trial and error in songwriting. It would be nice if songwriting/production flowed consecutively & logically, but it does not always lend itself to doing so.


I’m indifferent to whether the function should be added – I’m just coming from knowing there is so much else for them to do, always.

Fair. It’s not significant anyway.