Using upgraded Cubase 11 stock VSTs with Cubase 10.5

Due to multiple issues with missing samples/presets & Cubase locking up (particularly when using Groove Agent) I was considering a complete reinstall of 10.5 Pro since there don’t appear to be separate installers for the stock VSTs.

However, in the Steinberg Download Assistant, for Cubase 11 I notice you can download separate installers & content for Groove Agent, Retrologue & Halion SE.

Once the 10.5 installer had downloaded I extracted the files & under Additional Content found separate installers (.msi files) for the stock VSTs, & the version numbers are earlier versions than those available in Cubase 11. I used the Groove Agent one to successfully uninstall then reinstall Groove Agent (although it didn’t fix my missing presets issue, it may well have solved the locking up issue, don’t know!).

I’m now considering an uninstall then reinstall of just the VSTs using the separate Cubase 11 installers as it seems a newer version of each would result. Obviously I wouldn’t install the DAW!

Is this a bad idea? I’d have thought if new versions of the stock instruments were available then Steinberg would have released them under the 10.5 section, but then in theory they should still work OK as nothing has drastically changed with Cubase 11 as far as I’m aware.

Any thoughts?

Those vst’s for CB11 might be coded for 11 and may not work with 10.5. unless you’ve tried already. Keep a copy of the old files just in case.

Good advice, thanks! I think I’m gonna have to do a complete reinstall anyway sadly…