Using UR in Cubase/Nuendo without the hardware integration


Is it possible to use the UR without the hardware integration, I mean, using the external software to control and deliver mixes?

Sometimes, I feel much better just using it as a regular soundcard. Any suggestion?

BTW, I’m using a late 2011 Macbook Air.


Uninstall the UR Extension


thanks for answering. Do you know what files I have to move?


I have the MR816X but I presume it’s the same. It’s been a while but I think it was called “Mr(UR) Extensions” that I uninstalled. I just removed in the Windows “Programs and Features” section. I see your on a Mac but it should be very similar.

Any idea on Mac?

I use it as a regular soundcard with my Mac. I’m mostly driving it with Logic and Sibelius, but it work as a standard output device with any application.

To control the internal effects, I just run the UR824 console application, that can run together with any other software (apart for Cubase, if I remember correctly). No automation is possibile on the console.

Do not remove the driver, or the audio interface will not be recognized.


I found the way but it’s very tricky.

Thanks for all the answers.

I have a problem finding the files i have to remove, Where exactly is this file located please?