Using UR44 as input device for Windows 10 (non-DAW)

I want to use my UR44 as a mixer direct into Windows 10 so that I can use the Camera app to record video from a laptop’s webcam with audio via the UR44.

I have managed to get the UR44 to work with Windows 10 without a DAW. I did find a setting on a Listen tab in its Properties dialog that allowed it to be heard.

Unfortunately, only channels 1 and 2 are available to Windows rather than the UR44 mixer output. Anything input on other channels is ignored. It is not set to class compliant (which had no sound when I did).

Does anyone know how to get Windows to see the stereo mix out rather than only channels 1 and 2?

If not, is there another way to use the UR44 to mix the audio while video recording from the webcam on a laptop.

This is for someone without the technical skill to do stuff like replacing audio tracks on a video file.

By default the standard UR44 windows driver will only see Channels 1 and 2 and perform loopback.

A tool like VoiceMeeter VB-Audio VoiceMeeter though will create virtual audio cables and can talk ASIO to the UR44. This allows you to connect to all the inputs and outputs and to route them virtually, mixing and/or just routing them to other applications.

Note sure that helps given your comment regarding a desire to lower technical skill but it does illustrate the type of tool that makes this possible (and that one has 3 versions ranging from simple-ish to scary-as!)