Using UR44 with USB 3.0

I’m looking at buying a UR44 for use with my Windows laptop.

However, I read the following review from

At first I was upset, thinking that I had received a defective unit because the sound was full of glitches right out of the box. But then, after Sweetwater helped me discover that it cannot connect to your PC’s USB 3.0, (it requires 2.0), this interface exceeds all of my expectations in terms of sound quality, design, and included effects. Having 2 headphone jacks on the front is so nice! Clean, transparent sound allows you to add your plugs to a clear canvas in sound… or not!

Surely this can’t be correct? All the USB ports on my laptop are USB 3.0 (they have the SS logo). Is it possible that I cannot use this device with my computer?

Hmmm… So now I just need to figure out what changing the DIGITAL MODE while audio input/output is active on the UR824 means, and if that would have any effect on my use of the UR44.