Using USB Midi / Audio cable direct to laptop

I recently purchased Roland S1 Tweak Synth. I only usually use VST instruments, so dont usually connect anything into Laptop apart from a Usb Mic for vocals etc. As far as Ive read I should be able to just connect the Roland S1 midi / audio cable into laptop and have access to midi and audio inputs from the Roland S1. From previous experience I have switched the audio to accept the Samson Mic when connected, which has enabled me to record vocals. When I connect Roland S1 to laptop I can see the S1 available underneath the asio4all. If I select this should I get audio from Roland S1? I can see and control the Midi input from the Roland S1 but cant get audio! Would I need to monitor all sounds on the S1 headphone output? Would the other vst tracks also come through there as it would only be the S 1 thats doing the audio? Sorry if this is simple, but I’ve tried as many combinations as I can think of and so far have only midi control. I have a win 10 laptop running Cubase 10.5. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Les

Does the S1 not have it’s own ASIO driver?
If you use it’s own ASIO then yes, all sound would only come out of the S1.

If using ASIO4all you can in theory use S1 as input and something else as output but you must configure correctly in the ASIO4all panel first and then set correct ins and outs in Cubase audio connections

The S1 appears in the asio list but you can only have 1 at a time I think. I had the samson usb mic working this way and I could hear all my vst instruments plus the mic audio, so a bit baffled why its not working. I can see the S 1 running in sync with cubase but cant hear it!
I tried various audio connections between the asio4all and the s1, it didnt work!

Very unclear what you mean by the ASIO list…in Cubase driver selection if S1 appears then it must have it’s own ASIO driver and in that case you select it, set ins and outs in audio connections and connect headphones to the S1.
If you have to use ASIO4all you select ASIO4all in Cubase, make sure ins and outs are active in ASIO4all control panel, then select them in audio connections…in this case you can select S1 as input and output or S1 as input and realtek as output in which case plug headphones to laptop.

None of the Roland synth boxes have asio drivers.

Thanks for the info. I’ve managed to use S1 asio now. So I can now hear all my tracks and S1 via the S1 output/headphones. Just to confirm the Roland Aria S1 Tweak Synth does have its own asio which is great for direct input into my laptop. Thanks again, Les

Hi again,
Further to my last message, just to confirm Im still using Asio4all but have selected S1 for the Roland Tweak Synth via the Control Panel and changed the Cubase Inputs / Outputs to match the S1. So have all my tracks playing through the Roland S1 Output / Headphone Output.s.
Cheers Les

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