using vienna symphonic library in Cubase 7.5???

Hi There,

I am quite new to all this, and i couldn’t seem to find a specific solution online so have come here. Basically i have some vienna symphonic library sounds as .gig files. and i want to use them in Cubase.

Ive got G-player because apparently this is needed to play the files within Cubase or something?. Basically this is as far as i have got and i need to know how to import those .gig files in cubase and use through G-player so i can start composing.

any help would be great!!


You’d need a sampler that reads the Giga format. That can be either Steinberg’s own Halion 5 or Kontakt 5. Neither is free and Kontakt is now an industry standard, so that’s what I recommend. Kontakt is also part of Native Instrument’s Komplete collection (currently at version 10), in case you need a wider sonic palette for your projects.

BTW, there might be some free applications that can do that too, but I can’t vouch for their quality/speed/efficiency. Translating from the Giga format isn’t simple, and even Kontakt and Halion sometimes don’t get everything right.

You’d need a sampler that reads the Giga format

even Kontakt and Halion sometimes don’t get everything right.

You seem to have missed that they already have G Player…a vst specifically and exclusively for playing gigasampler libraries which does so without translating to another format.
Given that I’m not sure what advice the OP needs exactly…I presume you open G-Player as a vst instrument, load a library and that’s it…but it should be covered in the G-Player manual.

Obviously the Performance Tool won’t work, but you ought to be able to play some of the more basic files. However, may I ask why you haven’t upgraded to Vienna Instruments, because it is a far more advanced player and will ultimately give you a much better experience.