Using VST Audio Sound Content with Chord Track

Hi, I’ve bought Guitar Spheres and Platinum Guitars VST Sound Content packs. They’ve installed OK so that’s not the issue. They are AUDIO files, not Midi.

When I try to get the loops to follow the Chord Track, Variaudio steps in and converts the loops to “standard solo” and attempts to pitch correct them as they’re single notes. This completely mangles the sound of the loop and makes it unusable. If you take Variaudio off, then the loops don’t follow the chord track at all.

Converting the audio loops to Midi doesn’t work either - they still get unrecognisably mangled.

If this is not possible, then what use are those loops as a compositional tool? Sure, I can bolt them together and change the key but what if I want minors, sevenths or diminisheds etc? How do I vary the chord structure of the loop?

Hoping for some daylight here, as Steinberg have signally failed to respond.