Using VST Getgood Drums to Edit Guitarpro Midi Drums in Cubase 9.5

Hi Everyone,

I’m still fairly new to using cubase and after a quick search on here (and youtube), I still have a few questions regarding importing midi drum tracks to use with VST drums.

My goal is to use getgood drums (invasion)/kontakt VST player to drag/drop/edit/mix guitarpro midi drum files in cubase 9.5.

I’m assuming that the easiest option for mixing is to simply use the VST kontakt player. I’m not sure if this is more common or if its better to have each midi note be played/recorded on separate cubase tracks for greater flexibility.

I’ve successfully used cubase’s stock drum VST to edit guitarpro midi drum tracks in the past, but am still learning the kontakt VST player for GGD.

Thanks in advance,

Looking forward to any responses here. I’m a newbie to recording period. Just picked up Cubase and GGD. Going through some tutorial videos for Cubase has been really helpful. When I installed GGD Modern and Massive everything seemed to go well. Then when I load the library it just stays on “Loading…” where the instrument should be. Sent off an email to GGD so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. Not a problem yet as I’m still learning Cubase.

I heard back from GGD and it looks like it was a simple fix, which I assumed. I had to go through my input and outputs and make sure they were set correctly. The only thing I can assume is the sound driver was causing the problem. I had to change it to my PreSonus and the restarted Kontakt. The instrument loaded and I was able to play with the kit and midi grooves.

Here is the email I received back from GGD:

Hey Gary,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. To fix this - you simply have to go into the settings in your DAW or Kontakt and make sure you have your inputs and outputs assigned correctly! If there is anything wrong with those, the GUI will not load. (Unfortunately an issue with kontakt!)

Give that a whirl and let me know if you have any further issues.


Joe - GGD

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