Using VST System Link with Behringer X32 to run a 2nd PC hosting VST Instruments

Hi all,

I would like to extend my cubase Pro 11 / Beringher X32 Rack setup with an additional PC that would run the heavy consuming VST intruments.

I understand that the link will be done thru connecting ‘numeric ports’ between both PCs. Ok
The XR32 is used as my Cubase Sound Card : it has an AES50 socket

I am now considering to purchase a card to be added on PC #2 (that hosts the vst instruments).
Looking in the internet, AES50 interfaces are kind of expensive (350€+)

Do I really need an AES50 interface on PC#2, or is it possible to use a cheaper card that has an sp-dif port for instance? Will this work?
If not, what do you suggest ?
Thanks a lot

Are you talking about VST System Link?

The devices have to be connected by a digital cable, so I presume it would have to be the same type of socket on both ends, and the X32 doesn’t have spdif built in.

The requirements are here:

Hi Steve,

I have been reading in the internet that, in general, connecting AES50 to spdif is possible and even such cable exist. My point is that I don’t want to purchase a card and maybe special cable, spend 2 months trying this out to finally find out that it does not work properly, thus my question to ‘real world’ Cubase users with experience.

Else, does anyone have connected 2 PC with X32 ? Which card/device is used in with the other PC ?


System Link is not very forgiving from an “engineering” standpoint, so even if you found or made such a cable, there would still be differences that could make it impossible to use.

Here’s an article that talks about the signal format.

I see, kind of risky. On the other side, the only viable alternative I have found is the Klark Teknik KT-AES50 card that costs =~ 400 euros.
Do you personnally use VST system link and which hardware in between?
Thanks bunches

Years ago, I played with it. What I took away from it was that the best way to do it was with two identical audio interfaces with digital I/O.

This is older technology today, and there are cheaper ways to do the same thing.

I edited the title of this topic to attract replies from people with your gear, by the way. But I think fewer people use VST System Link now than back-in-the-day.

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Steve, I am keen on learning from you what are those cheaper ways to achieve the same goal. I am not stuck on using this way if I can use cheaper (and simpler) ways to drive my vst instruments on the second PC.
Technology evolves, not always the best way, but if it does, let’s use it

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Usually, people use Vienna Ensemble Pro for “outsourcing” VSTis to a different computer nowadays (list price is like 200 bucks, and you only need ethernet cables to connect your computers…)

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AES/EBU is a very different protocol to AES50. AES/EBU is 2 channel digital audio and is compatible with SPDIF. AES is pretty much a balanced version of SPDI F and also at +4db ( I think) - you can usually plug an AES output into an SPDIF input if you ground Pin 3 on the XLR. May not work the other way around as the level may be too high.
AES50 is Behringer and others multi channel digital audio - completely different protocol

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If you want to try the above direct cable solution but are only missing an s-pdif output, then I have the cheapest s-ˆdif output solution for you: $12 !

I use it to connect my PC to my Neumann KH750DSP sub and the sub then drives a pair of KH80DSP.
It works great and keeps my signal path purely digital right down to the sub… for $12!

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This likely will not work though for VST System Link.

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Steve were you referring to Vienna Ensemble Pro ?

Thanks fese,

I am gonna check this solution. Apparently I need to install 1 license for the server, + one ‘cheaper’ license on the VST clients, correct ?

Yes, also Audiogridder, though I have not used that.


I am gonna investigate in that field!
Will try to come back with feedback for community
Thanks a lot!
Take care