Using VST vocoder with Cubase LE

wonder if i could get a hand with using a vocoder? i was following some instructions from a video but it aint happening…

what i’ve done so far:

  • set up Group channel track - have MDA vocoder selected as Return effect (Vocoder track ‘Mod In’ set to ‘Right’)
  • have audio vocal track sent to above Group channel - panned to left
  • have Instrument track set up and selected a synth (V Station) - sent to Group channel and panned to the right

I thought I would be able to use the virtua keyboard to control the audio vocal track at this stage, but its just playing the synth patch.

any pointers?


that’s the very video i was following Nate…

I seem to have followed the instructions but no success.

anyone else who can suggest anything? be back online in a few hours. thanks

I just set it up like this: Recorded short vocal on audio track and selected the Vocoder as an insert. Added a MIDI track with my controller as the input and the vocoder on the audio track as the output. Put the MIDI track in record and hit play. Whatever I hit on the controller affected the audio.