Using VST2 in Dorico 4

I would like to use the BFD3 Drum library in Dorico 4. The plugin exists only in VST2 Version.
At this time Dorico does not see the plugin. IS there a way to use VSt2 plugins in Dorico 4?
Thank you for the help.

What is your operating system?

Do you have to whitelist VST2 plugins? In preferences there’s a VST section that’ll list VST’s and you might have to move that one from right to left (as I recall).

Thank you for your answers.

My operating system is apple OSX 12.6.
I use Dorico 4.3.11

I can find the VST section in preferences, but there is no whitelist. I can only empty the plugin Cache or reset the audio engine. I also found the whitelist in the help files, but I can not find the list in preferences.

Looks like you are on Apple Silicon, right? In that case, VST2 is not available on native Apple Silicon any more. If you want to use it, you have to start Dorico in Rosetta mode.

Thank you, Ulf
that’ s right. I’ m on Silicon.