using Wavelab 8 vst3 plugins in C7.5

recently i purchased WL elements 8 and i want to use its VST3 plugins with cubase. didn’t find a way to do that, with vst2 i could just refer cubase path or copy the Dll file to vst folder, how to do it with vst3 ?? (actually i didn’t find the vst3 plugins folder of WL elements 8 yet but its another story :neutral_face: , i need especially the sonnox restoration plugins)

Is there documentation that states cubase will “see” those plugs? For example I don’t believe wavelab will “see” Reverence.

got it… i finally found those vst3 plugins in wavelab folder(don’t know why i missed them from the first place :blush: )
copied them to C7.5 vst3 folder and now cubase sees them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Mozizo: are you also able to save the Reverence VST3 and copy it to the Wavelab folder and open Reverence in Wavelab?

I don’t think all the Steinberg VST’s are interchangeable by simply copy and paste. If you are successful at the above please let me know.


seems i cant use reverence in wavelab elements.
i didn’t find a reverence plugin but a vst3 file named “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3”
i referenced WL plugin path to that folder in C7.5 also copied this file to WL folders but reverence won’t show up in WL plugin list. :nerd:

You’re welcome :smiley:

Ok yes…this is what I thought. And it does not matter if its WL Elements or the full version. Reverence will not work for some reason in Wavelab.

Thanks for verifying.