Using Wavelab Element after Update to Pro


I updated an Element license to a Pro, and I was wondering If I can use my element on my laptop where I don’t need the Pro version and I don’t wanna carry my USB dongle around. I don’t see my element serial number in my account though, only the Pro one.
Is this possible?


With the license on the pro dongle, you can run either WaveLab Pro or Elements.

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Thank you, then is it possible to authorize it on my laptop with leaving my USB dongle at home. Or Can I de-authorize the USB and authorize both computer as they won’t be running at the same time?

Well, I don’t know these details. Try, but normally, you can only run on the computer where the dongle is plugged.

Thanks I’m gonna check If I can un-authorize the USB, then authorize the computer via hard drive.

So it seems it is not possible. We can only authorize one computer with soft e-licenser and once a license is on a USB dongle it cannot be moved to a soft e-licencer.
That is really something Steinberg should look into. All the other apps I’m using let me use two different computer without the need for a physical dongle (even with Ilok)
There is no way I’m gonna take my USB dongle around with, loosing it would put me in deep trouble workwise. I cannot take that risk. And being another licence is just unfair.

Steinberg has announced that they are developing a new licensing system that will allow all their products to run without a dongle. There is no timeframe for this at present, though.

When you upgraded WaveLab to WaveLab Pro, you gave up your WaveLab Elements licence in exchange for a WaveLab Pro licence. WaveLab Pro licences must live on a USB eLicenser under the current licensing system (WaveLab Elements licences can live on a soft eLicenser or a USB eLicenser). This means the only way you can run WaveLab with your current licence is to have the dongle plugged in.

I have a similar problem to you. My USB eLicenser has Nuendo 11 and WaveLab Pro 10 licences, so I cannot use two major applications without my dongle.

Does Steinberg’s Zero Downtime help? If your licence(s) are registered in My Steinberg, and you lose a USB eLicenser or have it stolen, you can get an immediate temporary licence and replacement permanent licence shortly afterwards. Ideally, you need to buy a spare USB eLicenser so that you have a replacement ready to set up if you ever have to make a Zero Downtime claim.

Yes I didn’t know about the the zero downtime thing I’m gonna check it as I’m going away for a few month and I will definitely need to bring my license with me, I would not want to loose it all.
Regarding the new licensing system, I do hope they won’t go for the rental as all those companies do, living on credit is a no go for me