Using Waves InPhase plugin with Cubase 8

I am trying to use the InPhase plugin to align my snare in the overheads with the close mic. The Waves tutorials say to create an aux channel that hosts the stereo version of InPhase, then to route the respective mono channels to be aligned into the A and B sides of the Plugin instantiated in the aux channel. I think creating a group channel is the Cubase equivilant of creating an Aux channel, but I cannot find a way to assign one of the mono channels to the left input of the stereo group channel and the other to be compared to the right except by panning. I am doing this by panning the two mono channels hard left and right, but I see no difference in the time alignment so I am suspicious that this is not accurately placing the samples into the plugin as Waves suggests. Anyone here know how to use InPhase with Cubase? Thanks for any help, I’ve been beating myself up with this all day.

But if you scroll down in the comment section some states that you shouldn’t use this plug for that specific reason… It’s up to you though to try it out!

I’m still looking for a Cubase-based tuorial video for this plugin showing how to use it for two mono sources…