Using Windows 10 64 bit and having issues with C Pro 8.5 ?

I’ve noticed reading this forum that the majority of issues with the new Cubase Pro 8.5 upgrade seem to be from people running an OS from 7 years ago…
Windows 7.

imagine being forced to use a 7 year old cellular phone — oh the horror ! :open_mouth: :blush: :cry:

Is anyone who keeps current and running on Windows 10 64 bit having any issues with the new upgrade to 8.5 ?

My experience has been far better than I had expected.
The system is very stable with really excellent track counts!

Well a lot of us don’t like over-installing a new operating systen and a clean install takes too lone. I’m on 8.5 and am having a number of minor graphical issues. I have noticed that some user have been having issues with W10. You are lucky. However don’t get too complacent - it’ll probably happen to you eventually.

I cannot even get it to install and im on all new os and computer. Never an issue with any cubase upgrade or full install.

I understand being hesistant to upgrade… I was and held out on Windows 7 64 for a while too.
After upgrading to Windows 10 pro 64 I actually regret waiting so long. Everything seems to run better on Win 10!
I’ve also upgraded my 4 other PC’s, 2 laptops and 2 tablets (from 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows 10)
All using the free Microsoft Windows 10 update tool and All run better !

running on my main daw and surface pro, both win10 x64 and cub 8.5, solid as a rock :slight_smile:

I have allowed Windows 10 to install on my main music system - from Win7 64bit. I’d had pretty good experiences with a couple of laptops, so I backed the drive up and took the plunge. I have had very few problems, but noticed that on heavy Cubase projects rapid graphics zooming caused some audio stuttering, which was a new thing. Previously, I’d updated graphics drivers only to find that overall performance took a hit. This time however, the newest driver worked like a charm.

The graphics card is a modest ATI AMD Radeon HD 5450 running the last official software as it’s now legacy. Cubase performance meter is much lower percentage, so it must have been a graphics bottleneck. I am happy with C8.5 it’s very stable here so far. It hasn’t crashed at all since I installed it the day after release.

Upgrading to a new OS is risky business if you have a lot of peripherals which require new drivers. If you’re a 2 channel USB audio interface and mouse/keyboard sort of user…yeah…little risk…

What’s risky about it?
What peripherals would have an issue?

You can get Acronis backup and image your previous drive(s) before upgrade.
Even a 5TB backup drive can be bought for just over $100.
If you encounter a problem then reload the backup!

Download the required drivers for your peripherals and hardware before you upgrade and they’ll be there on your drive after the upgrade to load in as necessary.

You can read my previous posts over the years and know quickly that I’m not your “scarlett 2i2” kind of user… but really what’s the difference? Everything attached to a computer is a peripheral and this isn’t 7 years ago…

Read my signature…every peripheral has a driver (and that’s not everything). No idea how they all would interact in a new OS…I’d only upgrade if I had a another boot drive to mess with and anyone who does this for a living would be foolish not to have a fallback plan. I’ve been in the software development project management field for almost 2 decades so a little experience comes behind my reservation. I only upgraded from XP once Cubase stopped installing on it. I will stay on Win 7 for as long as it’s still a minimum requirement by Steinberg. By the time that happens, I will get s new workstation and the OS and drivers would have matured already.

I am with you in spirit, but your analogy is flawed. Windows 7 has had several major updates, and is still getting fixes down to this very day. Therefore users believe it to be a current OS despite its age.

Additionally I run several VSTi which, although being 64 bit, have not seen a dev’s hands for years…but I still use them. And they work fine.

And I run Windows 10 and have no MAJOR issues. Some weird spiking and even some GUI freeze when I load certain plugs (developed and released this year). These plugs do not cause a GUI freeze up on Ableton Live. So Cubase seems closer to the culprit.

Still it is a solid release and I love the direction this is heading in. I really just wished to see more of what we asked for and less of what THEY think is best.

I hear you… in your case you might have issues with the discontinued hardware and the unsigned drivers.
Unless Tascam/TEAC has whipped up a new FireWire driver recently…

In your specific case… do what you must I guess.

“BELIEVE IT TO BE” is exactly right…
even though it isn’t !

But yes… Steinberg could’ve saved some headaches and upped the OS minimum System Requirement for 8.5

Windows 10, Cubase 8.5 Working really well :smiley: …touch wood.