Using with live performances


I am looking to possibly buy Cubasis if this can be accomplished.

I am looking for something to use that can play drum and backing tracks from my iPad while my band plays. Basically what I am trying to do is route separate tracks from the DAW out from the iPad to something that would recognize the tracks as separate tracks. That way I can have each track separated and not mix into one mess. The reason is I wont to be able to have one separate click track going into ear monitors and not through the PA. Would this app be able to do all this? If so, TAKE MY MONEY! Lol. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I can’t help with your specific question, but what I and many others do is just use a stereo audio file with a mono mix of the backing tracks in one channel and the click in the other. Mono usually works better at most live venues anyway since most of the audience will be out of the stereo sweet spot.

I may be wrong but I don’t think that Cubasis supports more than two outputs. So you would be limited to a mono track and a click track. Like the other guy said that is how a lot of bands do it, but if you were going to go that route then I would use the app Go Button. Cubasis 3 is definitely not stable enough right now for a live environment, it crashes a lot and has a ton of bugs. If you want multiple track outputs for a band in a live setting though, I would recommend to use QLab. It is a Mac only program but it is definitely the best program to use, and is widely used in the professional world.

Hi Lordabyss,

Cubasis supports up to 24 inputs and outputs, based on the capabilities of the audio device in use.
In addition, the metronome can be routed to individual outputs too.

Hope that helps.