Using WL9.5 as an external editor (Renovator) for WL12 is problematic

Odd as it sounds, I’ve been doing this for a while with WL9.5 hosting Algorithmix’ Renovator and Reaper. In WL12, I get very inconsistent results, including crashes and processed clips returning to the wrong place in the timeline.

I see that there are instructions in the WL12 manual that pertain to Spectra-Layers, etc. I tried the special copy/paste functions and that is not going to work in any efficient way.

The real issue is that some of the time it works perfectly and some of the time it will either quit WL12, put the clip back in the wrong place or both.

I’d love it if this is just a bug and could be fixed as opposed to some weird, undocumented ‘feature’ I’ve stumbled into. Renovator is a big part of my workflow and none of the other spectral editors (sorry…) are even close in the speed of use / actually useful features kinda’ way.

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Please describe in detail the procedure you mentioned is not functioning correctly.

Make selection in WL 12 montage, usually ~ 10s in length. Can be up to 30s.
Invoke external editor (WL 9.5, hosting Renovator)
Selection appears in WL 9.5
Process with Renovator
Save the change to the file in WL 9.5 (If all goes well, the original selection in WL12’s montage will be replaced with the Renovator-processed audio.
This happens about 75% of the time. There are a few things that can happen the other 25% of the time:
Either WL 12 or WL9.5 will crash-quit without warning and the timing is not necessarily connected to saving the processed selection in WL 9.5
Crashes can occur while playing back or editing in Renovator. Please keep in mind that I’ve used a similar system with Reaper instead of WL 12 and it has worked without error for a few years now. I also use Renovator in Pyramix without problems.
if the crashes occur before a selection is replaced in WL 12’s montage, I will sometimes get the following error dialogue when I re-open WL 12 and WL 9.5:

WL12_Warning Dialogue

If I choose OK, the WL 9.5-processed audio will be placed back in the WL 12 montage but it will be an insert edit, not a replace edit and it will shift the pre-existing audio to the right. Meaning that I will now see the original selection repeated in the montage.

I can’t tell you right now what happens if I choose ‘cancel’ in the above dialogue because I can’t make this error happen at will. It’s intermittent
Additionally, sometimes the audio that appears in WL9.5 (once it’s been called by the WL 12 external editor command) will have a selection within it and sometimes it won’t.)
As I’m writing this and testing the procedure, WL 9.5 is repeatedly quitting with a 9 second-long audio selection loaded from WL 12. If I make a smaller selection (3-4s) in WL 9.5 and then process that in Renovator, the process usually works. I can speculate that it’s memory-related. My system is running Windows 10 and has 16GB or memory (Dell 3630 workstation)
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If this is not already the case, uncheck this box in WaveLab 9.5

Thanks PG
That box is already unchecked>>>

The message “An externally edited audio segment was modified, …” indicates that change(s) were made to the audio file or montage after you invoked the external editor.

Not intentionally…these messages occur when re-opening WL12 after some WL12 / WL9.5 crashes. I haven’t deliberately modified anything.