Using XML Descriptor

I need to process a series of audio files, based on the information of an XML file.
I have set up a monitored folder, so that it receives an XML. The XML descriptor is configured as follows:

Element: Input file path.
Tag: input

Element: Output file path.
Tag: output

File Contents.XML


The process, when it receives the XML file, must apply a conversion to MP3.

When I write an XML with the previous structure in the monitored folder (“e:\monitored”) it always gives me the same error:

“Could not find audio files in e:\monitored&TEMP&{number identifier similar to UID}”

What I can do?

Thanks and sorry for my english.

To be able to help you, I would need that you send me 2 files:

  • a sample xml file
  • The XML Audio Description preset that you are using.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
sample.rar (675 Bytes)

The XML file needs more info.
The preset too.
Here you find a working solution:
working.rar (732 Bytes)

Works fine! Thanks!