Using Yamaha DTX900M Drum Kits in Cubase

I like to use the Yamaha module to create kits based on drummer’s kit. So I’ve created a couple like Phil Rudd and Chris Frantz and Im happy with their sounds. I can’t figure out how to use these sounds in Cubase AI 9. I can connect and record using the module to a midi track but this records the midi commands with no sounds and Im not happy with the Groove Agent kits because I can’t assign meaningful samples, e.g. brass, maple, steel snares, etc. cymbals, toms, kick drums etc.

I’ve tried to record the Audio into the computer using the provided ASIO low latency driver but I just get crap.

any help appreciated!


Ah “crap”… - nothing beats a comprehensive problem description :confused:
What does that “crap” consist of?
what is your audio card?
What is the audio connection from the drumbrain to the computer?

The Drum module goes to a mixer (mackie 802vlz4) the main bus of the mixer goes to hs8s and pair of hs7, and the alt out goes to the mic socket on the cubase laptop - that way I can select which channels are sent to alt out.

I could put a focusrite scarlet on it and try that but I shouldn’t need to do that as the sound card on the laptop has a Realtek hd which should work fine.

By crap I mean you can hear the drum kit but not a we know it Jim. There’s a lot of noise kinda like fuzz and distortion.

Realtek often does not work fine - as you just found out. Cubase requires ASIO drivers. The scarlett has a dedicated one the Realtek has none really, apart from the generic one you´re using and that doesn´t seem to work very well…