Using Yamaha P85 as a true midi controller

So… just 5 minutes or so before typing this, I was playing Sweet Hour of Prayer, and after playing I thought ‘Geez… wish I’d recorded that!!’ Now, yes, while I know there’s multiple ways of doing this - I could record as midi in the piano and send that into Cubase and work from there, though I haven’t a clue how - but what I think would be so much easier, is a way to program the piano to press one of the instrument buttons and have it switch to a honky tonk piano inside the Garritan Yamaha CFX instrument. Man, I feel so new and complex sometimes with these ideas it’s not even funny!

Also, a side note… darn!! I wish I could use one of my AirPods as an in ear monitor. Like… just sending a click to my ear would be nice. Not gotten backing tracks up and running that I would like to have, because, well, I don’t want the Head Start kids and everyone else in the room and on the Zoom call to hear beep, boop, boo, boop through the whole Christmas concert.

Thanks in advance for any help y’all can give!


Do you know the Retrospective record feature in Cubase?

Does it send any data to the MIDI/USB Out?

Does it support Program Change switch?

You can Mute the Instrument track or set the Volume to -oo. Or you can use a MIDI track without an output. Then you wouldn’t hear anything but the Metronome from Cubase.