Usually need to do a mixdown several times to get it perfect

When I want to make a mixdown of my song, I usually need to do it several times to get it perfect without any tilting kick drums or strange missounds here and there. I do not know, why these small errors occur, but I would like to know, if it happens to you guys too, or is it a problem with my audio interface? After 2-3 mixdowns, I have a flawless song, so it is not a big issue, just annoying. I am only using internal VSTi’s. Buffer size is set to maximum of 4096, when exporting.

I don’t recall ever doing a mixdown and it not being as I expected it to be unless I had the wrong settings in export dialogue.

Why the incredibly large buffer…are you really pushing your system that much?
Can you just play the song through and it sounds right every time?
Are you realtime or offline exporting?

In the mixing process I need to set the large buffer size for smooth playback. I am using more plugins in the mixing process. I hear no problems during playback. I am doing offline exporting. Are you doing realtime exporting?

Ps. I usually need to do mixdown a few times no matter the buffer size…
Pps. My studio 192 interface works very poorly with low buffer size in general. It is a known problem with the studio 192, which I discovered after buying it unfortunately. The lowest buffer size I can set it to without getting severe peaks is 256…:frowning:

Realtime or offline.

But I generally don’t run my buffers anything like that high…in fact past 512 I don’t seem to gain much extra headroom anyhow. But if I struggle at 512 or maybe 1024 I’ll render some stuff in the project rather than trying to up them further.

Are you running lots of live instruments? Hundreds of FX plugs?

NB: It’s possible to select no driver as your audio interface and still run an offline audio mixdown.
Maybe that would help rule out an issue with the interface.

Well, as I wrote, the problem is there no matter, which buffer size I use. I will try to select no driver and then do a mixdown. Thanks

Does anyone else experience glitches or mistakes in the mixdown audio file?

I have occasionally had a missed note on a VST Instrument but don’t recall any audio anomalies.
If there are a lot of key switches and articulations (specifically here I am thinking of MM bass VSTi in Kontakt with slides and hammer-ons, etc.) it may play normally at playback speed but on fast audio mixdown, it misses a note. I can usually fix it by tweaking a note by a tick or two.

Yes that is exactly, what I mean. A missing note or a single kick drum note out of sync just one place. Do you think, that realtime mixdown would make a difference?

Realtime may help but if it doesn’t, also try tweaking the MIDI events. Sometimes the note just before is overlapping or a note off interferes with a note on. Even moving a note 1 tick can make a difference in the VST instrument processing.

I’m jealous… I’m just starting to get close to my final mixdown after 5 or 6 (most likely even more). :wink:

None of my mixdown concerns are caused by Cubase or the Cubase mixdown process itself. These are just things that need to be tweaked as necessary because of how I recorded my tracks.

FWIW… for me it usually it takes 1 maybe 2 mixdowns for me to fix sync and the (more than) occasional missed note issue. Then it’s on to where I spend the majority of of time. Tweaking the mix volumes to sound right on all my listening sources. Towards the end I find that even a +/- 0.1dB adjustment in certain areas makes a big difference to my ear. And I have some pretty bad (old) ears. But, at least I think that, my final mixdown sounds very similar on all my listening sources which include… my headphones, my studio monitors, PC speakers, then to a stereo system in my living room and finally the stereo system in my truck and car.

Regards :sunglasses: