Utility for connecting CMC controllers to Pro Tools

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Recently, the utility for connecting the CMC Controllers to Protools has been released:
Download the demo and try it out for yourself.

A request for everyone that uses or is interested in the Steinberg CMC controllers and wants to use them with Pro Tools:

I bought the CMC six-pack for Cubase, but need to work on Pro Tools as well.
I’m nearly finished with the programming on a translator that sits between Pro Tools and the CMC controllers and let them communicate with each other.
This is just working fine for me in my own studio but I’m thinking that this could be interesting for others as well!

Overview of functions:
CH: Fader controls selected track (within HUI bank), auto bank feature, pan/send mode, plug-in bypass/compare, automation mode witching, fader flip, mute/solo/arm etc, led feedback.
FD: Faders with fine control, fader flip, nudge/bank channels, meter mode, led feedback
QC: Panner/send mode, plug-in mode, plugin bypass/compare, automation mode switching. Led feedback
TP: Stop/play/REW/FF/REC/Cycle on/off, nudge, scrub/shuttle, step through grid/regions, scroll, zoom, (un)link timeline and edit selection
AI: AI mode: scroll wheel mode for adjusting knobs, Lock mode: horizontal zoom, JOG mode: step through grid/regions

If you are interested in this utility let me know by voting and/or pm me!

Thanks, Tom

Nice work!
I don’t own a CMC controller but I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who could use this!

I dont have a Pro Tools and dont need this feature but you have a great +++++ :smiley: - very good job !!!

I would pay money for a solution to use my CMC-CH and CMC-QC elegantly with Pro Tools.

Thanks guys!
I’ll keep you updated.

Please do. :sunglasses:

Hi guys,

The utility has a name: Studio Connector!

Today I’ve published a (basic) info site where a functions overview and the manual can be downloaded.
People who are interested in a demo (trial version) can send an email as described on the site.

In the following weeks I want to gather some feedback from people that have tried the demo version and then make a final full version for sale.



Hi, i would like yo know if you already have the software ready?

Hi there,

When you click on the link above, you will find the information to get the demo version. Here you can also request a version to buy.

(Nuno, I know that you already did this!).

I don’t have time to update the site but StudioConnector works and can be tried/purchased!

Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom this is something Steinberg should have done themselves, for all DAWs, to boost sales and carry the CMC range forward instead of just giving up and dis-continuing them :frowning:

congrats on a great piece of software man! well done

Hi there,

Recently I finished the site and StudioConnector has been released!