Utilizing Stock Audio Files

Morning all,

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the forum, anyways, I’ve recently been working diligently on a ‘Test’ project in Cubase 11 for practice purposes and as an application for new concepts learned via YouTube, just for kicks and giggles… While I was auditioning one of Cubase’s audio files a thought occurred to me, “can Cubase’s stock audio files be used as is in a project without any editing, or is that considered plagiarism”?

Curiosity got the better of me and I could not find anything on the web regarding this concept and I was hoping to use this audio ‘as is’ since it fits well into the project. If not, then it’s safe to say I need to tweak and edit it some how.

The Audio File is located under: Media> Search> Cinematic - Atmosphere 08_RD

Please advise!


Well the user agreement should be the final word.

But typically you’d have the right, as a licensed user of whatever content library, to use those sounds modified or not within a musical context. But you do not have the right to redistribute those sounds as standalone items.

For example, a library has a great scream sound. If you use that scream in a song that is OK. But you can’t sell or redistribute the scream all on its own - the right to do that belongs to the library creator.

I’m not a lawyer. And the license agreement sets the rules. So tread with care. But that said most folks selling libraries want you to know you can reuse the content - otherwise why would you buy their stuff.

I recently bought this foley library and here is what they said (which is typical)


Ok that makes more sense, cool!