UV22 and MBit+ Dither no longer available in WL 11?

Just installed Wavelab 11.2. Cannot seem to find UV22 and MBit+ Dither options. Not exactly a problem as I have may options and haven’t used these individual plugs in some time. But that doesn’t allow for an exact recall for previous projects. Are these no longer available? Or can the plugs be pulled from my previous WL version install?

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They are no longer available in WaveLab 11. WaveLab now uses the Lin Pro Dither. If I recall, there was some support for replacing the discontinued dithers with Lin Pro Dither automatically when recalling sessions but I’m not sure how well that worked because I never used these dither plugins.

I never liked the UV22 and for awhile I had a feeling that iZotope would one day stop licensing the MBit+ Dither plugin because they don’t make this as a standalone plugin available anywhere else.

Because of this, I have been using Good Dither by Goodhertz which I know doesn’t help your case, but is something to think about moving forward.

I never really trust the long-term relationship of two somewhat competitive companies.

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Ok thanks Justin, appreciate the confirmation. I am still building a new setup on a M2 from a previous MacPro and an older version of WL. So still learning what is and isn’t loading and managing the 3rd party plugs that haven’t become Silicon Native. But didn’t know if there was some new plug-in loading pref options that I wasn’t aware of in this new version or is WL just dropped them. I also discovered in this install process that WL must bundle their stock plugins in the app package contents and not in the Library? So my thought of grabbing the plug-in individually from my previous WL install apparently won’t work either.

Not that big of a deal, I haven’t used the UV22 in many years but I have used the MBit+ on several projects in the last couple years but my go to has typically been one of the options in the Sonnox Limiter because I use it most the time. Thx

PG would have to weigh in on any hacks but I would say it’s not possible to use MBit+ standalone dither plugin or UV22 in WaveLab 11.

MBit+ was pretty good but out of fear and speculation that iZotope would one day stop licensing it to Steinberg, I moved to Good Dither a few years ago and it’s been great.

I simply have not had time to explore Lin Pro Dither and work it into my sessions yet.

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Adding to @Justin_Perkins post … I did explore Lin Dither to some degree on moving to WL 11 (from 9.5).

Personally, I found it very challenging to work out simple stuff like the setting for ‘pure/flat’ TPDF dither. I did look around the internets and of course the maker’s documentation. Maybe there is more information there now as I haven’t checked for a long time.

The other thing was that it seemed to take a long time to render compared to MBit or other dithers… like there was something going on under the hood.

In the end I just went for GoodDither, set it to TPDF and left it at that.

I also remember Lin Pro Dither being more CPU intense than you’d expect from a dither plugin when WaveLab 11 came out, which is perhaps part of why I never really explored it more.

Good Dither for the win, and Goodhertz customer support is great too.

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