UV22HR in Wavelab Elements 7?

Hello everyone. Love this program. Have pretty much learned a lot from documentations and especially these forums! Thanks to everyone. But i noticed that there is internal dithering only (which is a good thing) in Wavelab Elements 7. i downloaded the trial version of Wavelab 7 and it has Steinbergs:UV22HR Apogee dithering. Have i missed something, or is this not included in Wavelab Elements 7(i also downloaded the update)? i checked for it in Options-Plugin Organization, and didn’t find this plugin. Also, i noticed that when you render a file, the monitor does not show as it did in Wavelab Essential 6. Thanks so much to all in advance, and a very prosperous New Year! :slight_smile:

The UV22 is included but only on Windows, in the “Legacy” folder (you must use 7.01).
Concerning the Monitor window, there is now a Background Task Tool window you can activate. But this is not to measure CPU usage.

Thanks PG for the fast reply and once again for the Great Program of Wavelab!

OK. i downloaded and installed latest version 7.0.1; i see the UV22 & UV22HR in the Legacy section! Cool! But when i add either the UV22 or UV22HR to the dither section…the file will not render. When i remove the UV22 or the UV22HR from the dither section the file will render. The file can only be rendered with the internal dither. What am i doing wrong? Hopefully i stated the problem clearly. Maybe i’m missing something really simple here and don’t realize it :question: . Thanks anyone for your help in advance.

What you describe is a bug (limited to WaveLab Elements). If you use a plugin other than “internal” in the dither slot, then rendering won’t work. This will be fixed in next version of course.
The dither slot is not mandatory to use the plugin. You can also use it in the last FX slot. But in that case, you must have the faders to 0 dB exactly, else you kill the dithering process.

There’s always something to learn, I was not aware of the “zero dB” thing.

In total agreement with Markino. Thanks again PG for clear answer and knowledge!

very nice touch. thanks!